Painted Glass

Splashback are now a common choice over tiles. As they are easier to clean and hygienic, with no grout between them to collected grease and grime. We use RAL colours as standard giving you over 200 to choose from. If you can’t find one in those we can match to deluxe, British standard, or even Farron and Ball giving you an unlimited colour choice. You can also add sparkle flecks to the paint which gives off a great reflection under different lighting. Splashback are now also being used in different places – for example table tops, kitchen counters and shower screens.


Other Products & Services

Polished & Bevelled Mirror/Glass Tops

We supply and fit polished and bevelled mirrors to any specifications including socket cut out, glued and etched.

Greenhouse Glass

We supply 3mm horticultural greenhouse glass in standard sizes. You can also upgrade to toughed 4mm horticultural greenhouse glass.