Toughened & Laminated Glass

With health and safety being of the upmost importance we can provide to order toughened and laminated glass. All doors and low level glass are required to meet with current health and safety guidelines. Whilst both types of safety glass are superior to standard glass (offering better protection against break-ins, flying objects and severe winds), toughened and laminated glass defend properties in their own unique way, primarily in how they react when shattered. Knowing the difference between these two types of safety glass will give you a better understanding of which can offer you the best security. 

Toughened glass: Is a type of safety glass that is five times stronger than annealed and laminated glass. Toughened glass breaks into hundreds of pieces under impact, therefore this type of glass breakage will reduce the risk of serious injury. 

Laminated glass: Breaks into large pointy pieces. This type of glass will slow down or prevent intruders breaking in to your home or place of work.

Take a look at the diagram on the right (or below on mobile devices) for your peace of mind as to where this should be fitted.

Other Products

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